Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pooping Reindeer

Yeah, you read it right.

I've seen it all now. I know what I'm putting on my Christmas list, a little plastic reindeer that poops candy. And where else can you get it, well of course your one and only Wal-Mart Store.

Yeah that's right.

I was at work today (yes I work at a Wal-Mart Warehouse) and one of my fellow associates came up to me and presented me a magic pooping Reindeer. Yup, If I had any doubts that Christmas has turned into a holiday just to sell stuff, this was all the evidence I needed.

You lift the tail and Ta-Da, you have a small round piece of candy. Wow, Yummy!

Have we run out of tasteful things to sell, and now we must sell out our children's stories?

Wow, A Pooping Reindeer!

What next, an Elf snow cone machine, lemon flavored!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tree Time

We went to Home Depot today, the kids and I.

Spent over two hours in there. They did very well.

I'm building a tree house for them. It will be a differen't type of tree house. I'm attatching a triangle shape base for the deck to three trees with chains.

Jorgie isn't sure if it will be cool or not. I keep reasuring her that I will make it as cool as I can but I don't think she has too much faith in me. Of course I am just winging it after all, but I am making sure it will be safe.

We took the van, and I wasn't really thinking of what I needed to buy. I had to fit three 6x6x12 in the van. Some 2x6x12. We drove home with the back wide open.

Jorgie wanted to know if it was legal to do that or not.

She's funny.

Well I'll keep everyone poted on our progress with the treehouse.

Maybe even some pictures.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A New President and a New Future

A new President!

I am so excited, but I'm scared too. Scared of the future.

Shouldn't we all be. On the dawn of one of the biggest financial fiasco ever, coupled with a time when family values seem to be taking a back seat just so we can pay our bills, we all need to wake up.

Whatever happened to doing the right thing? What ever happened to taking care of our fellow man? Is that a fairy tale? Did our parents act that way? Maybe it's time we do! We can't just sit back and let the world fall apart, we can't hope that Obama will take care of it all for us.

We have to do it. You and I.

How do you think Barak Obama got to be president.

We did it. You and I.

So let's make some changes together. We can do it together.

You and I!