Thursday, May 21, 2009

Agents, Agents, Agents!

Wake Up: 5:35
Push Ups: 70
Sit Ups: 20
Pull Ups: 10

Yeah I woke up late this morning.

I knew what my morning task was and knew it wouldn't be much fun.

I was right.

Yesterday I managed to get BEA/Writers conference agent list down to twenty. Now my daunting task is to look them up online and judge them using their picture and any other relative articles I can find.

One of them has a book written on How to write a book proposal. It looks like a good read too, although I won't be able to read it before the pitch. Will he ask if I read it?

It takes a while to do the research. I have managed to research maybe only five, and making an actual decision on a measly two. One Yes and one No.

Oh boy......

And I still am working on my pitch.

Yeah...... that's a sarcastic shout out.
Well those are the thoughts of a George,
Until tomorrow,

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Laughing, Treasures, and .........Oh I forgot!

Wake up: 5:05
Push Ups: 70
Sit Ups: 20
Pull Ups: 10

I didn't want to get up this morning. I guess that's what happens when you go to bed at 11:15pm.


I worked on my non fiction pitch this morning. I changed the beginning again. I think its a change for the better. At least until I read it to someone.

Jorgie and I thought of a cute little children's story last night when I was tucking her in bed.

So........ knowing my memory is limited, I immediately went into my office and wrote it down.

I have a little magic book that I write down my ideas in. Anything from children's stories, books ideas, and any other crazy thoughts that might pop in my head. Because who knows how long it will stay. It may only be there for a cup of tea and then disappear forever. Or maybe it's like one of those relatives that come and stay for a few days, but never seem to leave.

It's a small journal, about half the size of a paperback, and it fits nicely in my hand. When I hold it in my palm, it feels like I am holding a spell book. A treasure of ideas that could change the world.

Well, okay... that's a stretch. At least it might make a child laugh. That's magic though, isn't it. A child laughing is a magic we all seem to forget exists. Because sometimes as adults, we forget to laugh, especially at ourselves. We forget about the lighter side of life, and the joy that can be experienced everyday. A joy that should not be forgotten. A wonder that, when I get a glimpse of, makes me realize how great life can be.

Wow..... okay that was deep!

It's amazing the ideas that we all forget about. That's exactly why I write them down. I actually have quite a few children's book ideas in there. It's amazing how many ideas I have written in that little book.

A treasure of secrets. Yeah, it's like a little treasure box.

Well, that's it for today. I have to go help Jorgie get ready for school.
Those are the thoughts of a George,

Until tomorrow,

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A writer's loss for words, Actions Fingers, and a Dinosaur?

Wake Up: 5:20
Push Ups: 70
Sit Ups: 20
Pull Ups: 10

I worked on my non fiction pitch this morning. All weekend (while working) I was thinking about it and jotting notes down. Had some of it written out, but turned out to need revamping.

Glad to be feeling pretty good about it now, although it isn't finished yet. Not sure if any of the agents will take a bite at my bait, but I guess that's the chance we all take.


If your wondering what I'm doing, I'm just staring at the computer screen with a definite loss for words. So....... I'm just going to start writing whatever. Bear with me, at least until I latch onto something I can run with.

Just thinking about the things that I have to do this week.

I have to replace a water pump in the saturn which is something I have been putting off for far too long. The car tends to overheat in the warmer weather.

I have to work more on the camper. Oh, did I tell you I got another camper. This one is a Ten foot jem! No not really a jem, but it isn't all that bad. Although it is a lot older than I am.

Seriously. People have been camping in this baby even before I was born.

Circa 1961. Eleven years before I was even conceived. Wow! Maybe I'll post pictures after I'm done, but I'll wait till AFTER I'm done. If I did now, you would probably shake your head in shame for me.

Let's see what else.

I have to try and start the kids tree house. I took down a large poison ivy vine from the tree it's going in. I didn't even get poison Ivy. I took all the precautions so not to get it. I've gotten it before and it's NO FUN!

Be right back.......

Okay I'm back. I was getting Jorgie ready for school. Now I have Marcus next to me playing with his action figures, I am currently talking in a deep voice and pretending to be one of his figures. Actually he calls them action (fingers). He also calls hand sanitizer (hanitizer).
Cute huh.

I apologize in advance for any errors. It's a little difficult to concentrate with an action figure war happening right before my eyes.

Oh my got it's the alligator!!!!

I just took one of his figures to "the doctor".

Don't worry, it's only a minor injury. I think he will be just fine.

Now I know exactly why I get up early to write in the morning. Oh no not the Dinosaur!!!!

Well, that's it for today, I am about to get eaten alive.

Those are the Thoughts Of A George,
until tomorrow

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pretending to get paid to write and The Shining?

Wake Up: 5:20

Push Ups: 70
Sit Ups: 20
Pull Ups: 10

Writing Time: 5:45 - 6:45

Not a bad writing morning. Gained a little ground, although not as much as I would have liked. I worked on my non fiction project which seems to be going pretty well. I really have to make my pitch and outline for the writing conference in less than TWO WEEKS!

I think I'll have to think about it this weekend, while I'm working.

Does that constitute me getting paid for writing?

Yeah, you're right. No it doesn't!

I think writing this blog has helped with my non fiction writing, or at least getting comfortable with it. It's good practice, and although I don't say anything groundbreaking, it's a good way to get some of those extra words out of my head.

There are quite a few up there, too many sometimes. It's frustrating because they all want to come out at once, but I don't have enough time to get them down. So I let them battle among themselves.

For some reason I just thought of the movie, The Shining. When Jack, the protagonist, writes a whole book that says:

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

Line, after line.......... after line.

I just had a thought, what if you published a book that had that line in it....... you know, like as if Jack Torrance (The Shining protagonist) wrote it...

One second, I'll be right back...............

Okay I'm back. Yeah guess what. It's already been done. This artist by the name of Phil Buehler already self published it. Imagine that.......

The book is here if you're interested in taking a look: Here is the novel - All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

Pretty funny huh.

Well, that's it for today.

Lot's of yard work to do. It's supposed to be nice out today.

So those are the Thoughts of a George,

See you on Tuesday morning,

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Feedback can be like swallowing a large dry stone!

Wake Up: 5:40

Push Ups: 70
Sit Ups: 20
Pull Ups: 10

Writing Time: 6:00 - 7:00

Not a bad writing morning. Worked on some non fiction, which seems to be going pretty well. I got up later than I would have liked, but I still managed to squeeze an hour in.

I am grappling with some feedback that Michelle has given on the Waking Hour. It's always hard to get feedback on something we are so close to. But sometimes it is necessary to listen in order to better our work and strengthen the quality of it. Besides, it will prepare us for those "Bad Reviews" we all will get sooner or later.

I will take it in pride, swallow the stone and move forward. It's tough, no matter how thick your skin is. It always seems the dry stone lodges itself mid way down your throat.

But I have to remember that writing is a long process and within that process, our work goes through a metamorphosis of sorts. I'm sure if you look at some of the initial drafts of some of the greatest works out there, they all have changed considerably from the beginning.

So that being said let me take one more swallow..................... wait one more.......and there it goes. The stone is down.

Although, now it sits in the pit of my stomach...... Oh great what's going to happen when it works it's way out through my digestive system.

Oh shit!......................Literally!

Well, those are the Thoughts of a George
Until tomorrow,

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am a Frustrated Author, What a big surprise!

Wake Up: 5:20

Push Ups: 70
Sit Ups: 20
Pull Ups: 10

Writing Time: None

I didn't write this morning. I wanted to do a little research on the BEA Conference and try and figure out registration.

To my dismay, I'm not sure if I will be able to go. I think you have to be a published author or a industry proffesional and may cost more than expected. I'll have to talk to Michelle about it. Hopefully she can set me straight.

I am working on a blog entry about our trip to the Polar Caves last Sunday (Mothers Day), but is taking a lot longer than expected. I was working on it yesterday morning, then sat it aside and said I would work on it later and post it, but then was too late. By the time we got the kids to bed it was almost 9:00pm and was time to watch Fringe.

Season Finale. It was a good one, glad to see it is coming on again next season.

I'm still a little frustrated and sad at the whole BEA thing. I will keep you posted.

Those Are The Thoughts Of A George,
Until tomorrow,

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Best things In Life Are Free, Junk Included

Wake Up: 5:40

Push Ups: 70
Sit Ups: 20
Pull Ups: 10

Writing Time: None

Yeah that's right. I didn't get any writing time in this morning. I forfeited my writing time this morning to make April a mothers day card.

Shhhhh....... Don't tell April.

Oh, um.....well she probably read this. Surprise April!

Anyway, it looks like it's going to be really nice out today. It makes me feel good to see sunshine. I was getting rather down from all the rain.

I have to take out the windows in the camper for the kids tree house today. That will be fun. I was going to demolish the camper, then sell the frame but I have changed my mind. I am going to take everything out of it, then put it out for free. The ultimate freebie.

We are already known as the house that put stuff out for free.

Seriously, people say..... "Oh you live in the house that puts free stuff out all the time." I'm not kidding.

I guess that's what happens when you buy storage auctions and are left with a lot of junk.

One mans junk is another mans treasure. I can tell the economy is in the tank right now, because people take anything.

Really, I mean anything. From old stained mattresses, to wet Winnie the Pooh bean bags. We have had stuff out there that got soaked from a rain storm, (bean bag) and we were going to bring it to the dump the next day. Well, we woke up and it was ALL gone. All but a few small plastic scraps.

Who says we never give to our community!

Well anyway, I don't want to dismantle the camper because I would like to start the tree house.
Although I am running into trouble finding the right hardware to attach the two 6x6 beams to the tree's. I have it in my mind, but I can't find the right hardware that's rated for the weight.

I want it to be safe, and I want it to last. I want it to last because eventually when the kids move out, I want my writing studio in it.

Well. hopefully we will have a new house by then, but we will see. Either way, I think if I make it cool enough it may be a good selling point for the house.

We'll see.

Well I think that's it for today. I can't believe it is Friday already.
Well those are the Thoughts Of A George

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Conversations with Rocks, Karma, and A Lonely Acorn

Wake Up: 4:50

Push Ups: 70
Sit Ups: 20
Pull Ups: 10

Writing Time: 5:10am -6:10am

Not a bad writing morning overall. I got some rewriting done on The Waking Hour, and it felt good to get a solid hour in.

I was disappointed to find that it was raining outside.

I worked on some of the pictures for my children's story a little (The Lonely Little Acorn). Only ten minutes worth, and ten minutes isn't much, trust me.

The story is about a little acorn that is afraid to leave his limb. With the coaxing from his elder, (Father Oak) he builds up the confidence to tackle the world. I really like this story.

It is very time consuming, and I really like working on the pictures. I'm doing all digital pictures for it, and although it looks pretty good, it is so hard to get it just right. It would probably be easier if I just draw them. Too bad I can't draw very well.

Does anyone out there believe in Karma?

I do. Sometimes it is one of the things that keeps me going. Sometimes it helps me get past certain things in my life. Things that I have no control over.

Karma is when ones past deeds, affects all that happens to them in the present and future.

Basically, what goes around, comes around.

Whether it is lying, treating others a certain way, or even something as simple as holding the door open for someone. These actions will affect you in the future, whether it's today, tomorrow or maybe when your eighty years old.

I try to live by it.

I took out my satchel of rocks this morning.

I know it sounds funny. What do I have a satchel of rocks for.

They help me think when I hold them. I cradle them in my hand, move them around to feel their cool smoothness on my skin. They make the sound of marbles in my palm.

I have five of them all together, all about the size of a quarter.

One of the rocks is flat with a slight orange hue. This one has the word Clarity engraved in it. It helps me clear my mind.

Another one of the rocks is a rock that my sister Michelle gave me a long time ago. It is also smooth and is called a wisdom rock. If you hold it up to the light, you can see small filaments inside its faintly cloudy surface. This one helps me think.

Another one is pink, with a white marble interior. This one makes me feel passionate and seems to open my heart.

The two other rocks are not as smooth as the others. These were found on the beach, and have more of a rough earthy feel to them. These two make a different sound than the others and are shaped more like wafers. These two rocks remind me of earthly elements.

Now, there you have it. Yes I am crazy, but at least I don't talk to the rocks. Well at least not all the time.

Well, those are The Thoughts Of A George,

Until tomorrow,

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eating Blood Sauasge, Mutiny, and Writing

Wake Up: 4:50am

Push Ups: 70
Sit ups: 20
Pull Ups: 10

Writing Time : 5:15am - 6:00am

I just couldn't get started this morning.

I don't know why? I worked a little on The Waking Hour, but I couldn't loose myself in it. I'll blame the rain. Yeah it's the dreary weather.

No seriously, I just wasn't into it this morning. Still worked, actually more like pecked away at it.

It felt like hmmmm.............

You know like when you were a kid and your parents forced you to eat something. You would put it in your mouth and chew, but despite your best effort it was almost impossible to swallow it. Your body just didn't listen to what your mind was saying, and it felt as if every cell in your body was screaming for a mutiny.

Okay it wasn't that bad, but I still wasn't into it.

Talking about eating food that we didn't like as a kid. I can remember my parents getting blood sausage and making my sister and I eat it.

Yes...... blood sausage. And yes, it is made out of blood, actually coagulated blood to be exact, and then mixed with flower and put into processed cow intestine. I can remember having that gag reflex then. I can also remember that it was chalky and ......... well...disgusting.

How could they do that. When ever Jorgie or Marcus complain about eating something (broccoli etc... nothing too nasty)

I give them the old....... you know when I was little, my parents.........

Holy crap I must be old if I'm doing that.

Well that's it for today. Those are The Thoughts Of A George.
Until tomorrow

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Problems, Opportunities, and Your Opinion

Wake Up: 4:35

Push Ups: 70
Sit Ups: 20
Pull Ups: 10

Writing Time: 5:02am - 6:10am

I had an overall pretty good writing day today. I got up early and that's always good.

I woke up at 4:30am, looked at the clock and thought "Oh shit, I'm late for work!" Then took a moment and realized I don't work today. (I have to leave the house at 4:05am to get to work on time)

I've been having a problems, with that lately. Actually if you want to talk Wal-Mart talk, we could say, "Ive been having some opportunities with my tardiness."

Don't get me wrong, I do believe that problems can be viewed as an opportunity to develop better ideas. There are no problems, just opportunities to improve the way we do things. It's the positive way of thinking and I am all for that

But, it is funny when people just substitute the word opportunity for problem. Trust me, I see them do it at work all the time. But the funny part is, I don't think they understand the concept.

It's rather comical.

Anyway, I worked on Chapter 4 this morning. No need for a complete rewrite on this chapter which is a relief. I started my writing morning by reading chapter 1, but put a quick end to that.

What happens is that I will read a little, then tinker a little, then read a little, then tinker a little more. I had to tell myself to leave it alone, so I moved ahead to chapter 4. That did need some tinkering. ( it had some opportunities for improvement) I rewrote the description of one of my characters, her name is Julia. Tell me what you think of the character description, and do you get a good image of her?

Does she seem annoying?

When the truck was out of sight, Robert turned up the steps and walked into the restaurant. The lobby smelled of sweet baked breads, syrup, and a combination of cinnamon and spiced apples. Robert walked up to the podium and waited.

Julia, the breakfast waitress snuck up from behind him and goosed Robert, knocking his knees out with hers.

Robert turned to see her laughing. “Very funny, now can I have a table?” He tried to play it off as not a big deal, but the truth was she was always doing these foolish things. “Seriously Julia.”

"Your brother's not here yet." She said chomping on her gum.

Julia was young, and immature. Not the kind of girl Robert would be attracted to. Her skin was a pale whitewash gray, and silhouetted against her black hair she looked almost ghoulish. Small bits of shrapnel poked through her skin, lips and even her nose, which didn’t help her ghostly complexion any. Her only saving grace was the black dress pants and a white polo shirt the restaurant must have made her wear.

Robert took her in again, realizing she would be a fairly pretty girl if only she lost her desperate need to look angry. And Robert knew about anger, but the difference was, Robert internalized his.


Well, there it is, right from the pages of The Waking Hour. How does it sound?

Be honest now.

It looks dreary outside. Ick!

So much for getting anything done outside today. Oh Darn, that means I can't start dismantling the camper today. Not really something I am looking forward to. Although I was in it the other day and realized I can use some of the bunks for the kids tree house. Maybe some other stuff too. We'll see.

I wonder how long it will take me to dismantle it. Maybe I will post some pictures. Maybe I will set it on fire?

Just kidding.

Well, that is it for this morning.

Those are the Thoughts of a George,

Until tomorrow,

Friday, May 1, 2009

Operation Camper Extraction: Mission Accomplished with Minimal Casualties

Wake Up: 5:35

Push Ups: 70
Sit Ups: 20
Pull Ups: 10

Went to bed late last night and was regretting it when I got up at 5:35am. By the time I sat down this morning, it was too late to get involved in a writing project so here I am writing this blog.

I picked up the camper yesterday. Would you like to know how that went? Well, I'll tell you anyway.

I loaded the necessary and unnecessary tools into my truck, buckled my son in and we were off. I tend to over bring tools. Seriously, I bring so much stuff! Yeah even a small generator and skill saw.

We drove to Springfield, so it wasn't too far from our house, 25minutes on the highway. It was our second trip up, as I had already looked at the camper on Tuesday, hoping to take it then, but it was in worse shape than I had hoped.

In order to take it, I had to add tail lights, put something over the gaping hole in the roof (previous owners took apart roof with lofty intentions and left it that way) secure doors, and check miscellaneous wires sticking out of the side of the camper. The woman that was giving it away, said Thursday would be fine.

So when we got up there yesterday, to my surprise there was a car parked directly in front of the camper. I knocked on the door of the house......... No answer!

A little frustrated, I walked back to the camper. I didn't want to make this trip for nothing, waste gas, or just sit around all day for someone to come back. So I reaccessed the situation.

After all, the lady said I could have the camper.

The camper was parked on the side of a hill, the car was preventing me from gaining access from the left and the STEEP hill on the right was the only way to get at it. I said what the heck, stuck the truck in 4X4 and backed it up the hill.

Surprisingly, I managed to get at the camper after a few tries and hook it up.

Oh yeah! That's right, nothing stands between me and a dilapidated camper!

So I hooked it up, backed up and turned around. Ready for a quick exit, just in case some overzealous neighbor thinks I'm stealing this gem.

I unloaded the tools, ladder, tarp, screws. Climbed on the roof while Marcus "helped" me from down below. The lady finally shows up. She apologizes for parking in the way, all the while trying to figure how I actually managed to get at the camper. She explains that she didn't want me to drive over her leach field.

"Oh shit!" Literally.........

Should have left a note.

So anyway, I attached the tarp to the roof and on the second to last screw, I managed to drive the screw gun into my thumb.

Funny thing is, when I was over packing my tools I saw the first aid box I keep in the car. I shook my head and said "What do I need that for?"

I remembered that as I was climbing down the ladder, while blood was dripping from my hand. "Marcus..." I said to my son. "I need a band aid."

He says, "Where that band-aid box Daddy?"

I laugh....... all the while looking for a band-aid. I strike gold in the glove box. One band-aid and a lot of blood. Great.......I roll up a small wad of paper towel, put it under the band aid and, okay here we go, wrap electrical tape around the band aid. Yeah I know.......

It stopped bleeding. My son looks at the electrical tape. "Why you do that Daddy?"

I hold up my hand. "I'm handy."

So by now, Marcus has just about every tool from my tool box scattered across the lawn, "helping" me out. I tell him,

"Make sure you put all the tools back little man."

"Yeah Daddy."

So it's hot out now and I just want to go. I finish running the tail lights, check them and make sure they are fine. I take one last look at this gem that I have procured, and shake my head. I can only imagine the looks I will get going down the road towing this jalopy. The tattered tarp flapping in the wind, cut electrical wires sticking out from the sides, broken windows, and a set of new taillights. What a deal.

I take all the back roads home, in fear that something will fall of if I go in speeds of over 45mph.

When I finally pull in the driveway, I breathe with ease. Ahhhh.... another camper extraction accomplished.

I can only imagine what my neighbors say.

"Oh no. Not another one. He just got rid of the last one...."

Wait till they see what I am going to do with it. It will look wonderful as I dismantle it in the driveway.

Oh well, it can't be much worse than the neighbor four houses down from us. Man, they have a junk yard!

That's The Thoughts Of A George for today. I'll be back on Tuesday.

Back to work tomorrow, got to pay the bills. This camper surly won't.