Thursday, November 6, 2008

A New President and a New Future

A new President!

I am so excited, but I'm scared too. Scared of the future.

Shouldn't we all be. On the dawn of one of the biggest financial fiasco ever, coupled with a time when family values seem to be taking a back seat just so we can pay our bills, we all need to wake up.

Whatever happened to doing the right thing? What ever happened to taking care of our fellow man? Is that a fairy tale? Did our parents act that way? Maybe it's time we do! We can't just sit back and let the world fall apart, we can't hope that Obama will take care of it all for us.

We have to do it. You and I.

How do you think Barak Obama got to be president.

We did it. You and I.

So let's make some changes together. We can do it together.

You and I!

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