Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Invisible Miracle

Tomorrow will mark one week of not having power.

Yes, I mean electricity. That invisible miracle that we so often take for granted.

A whole week of not having power is such an eye opening experience.
We have managed though.
We are very lucky that I purchased a small (very small) generator last year, after I installed a pellet stove in our home. It runs on electricity so that means when there is no invisible miracle, there's no heat.

So we have heat, and a few other things as well. We can run the pellet stove, and then switch out the TV, coffee maker, computer. We have to unplug one to use the other. So we have managed, but the hardest part is not having running water. No running water means no showers.

Oh I see you backing up away from the computer screen. Come on I don't smell that bad. At least I can get first in line for just about anything. See, there is always a bright side. No I'm kidding. We've gone over April's Dad's house and taken a few showers. It's a little tough to trek an hour away just to take a shower, but it's better than being a stink.

We've got the toilet covered, even though we have to go down to the small stream next to our house to get buckets of water so we can flush it, at least we can use the bathroom. All these things we take for granted. Like cooking on the stove instead of cooking on the grill outside, in below freezing weather.

Last night we saw six electric company trucks in the grocery store parking lot. It was three miles from our house! I wanted to tell them to come our way, but who knows what I would be greeted with. I saw on the news that some guy got arrested for blocking the trucks from leaving his road because he didn't have power yet. The desperation of it all. This does make for good material for a story I have been cooking up for some time.

Hopefully by tomorrow. That's what they say.

Oh I want some of that invisible miracle back!


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