Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh, that smile!

Jorgie and I went night skiing at Pat's Peak yesterday. I could tell from the smile on Jorgie's face that she had a lot of fun.

I love it when she smiles, it makes me feel like I'm succeeding. It makes me feel like a good dad.

I don't remember smiling much when I was a kid. I wonder how it made my Dad feel when Michelle or I smiled. Did he cherish the moment? Did he feel proud of himself?

I don't know.

I had a lot of fun too. I really have to try and go skiing more, after all it's right down the street. Fifteen minutes away, that's it.

It's funny seeing my little girl whizzing down the mountain. Two small skis, no poles, and a smile. She's quite the daredevil too. I guess I probably contribute to that. She sees her thirty-six year old dad catching air in the snowboard park. If Dad can do it, why can't I.

I can only imagine when she's a teenager. I skied like.........well.....probably like an idiot in my teen years.

I don't really feel like I'm in my mid thirties, but I guess that's good, at least until I end up a thirty year old antique ball of snow rolling down the hill.

This morning, my legs feel like they have been around for a few years. Although that's more because I need to get of my thirty-six year old ass and get some more exercise.
I always forget how much fun it is, and I really mean to go more, but we get busy. Life gets in the way.

But that smile! That smile on Jorgie's face is worth all the money in the world.

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