Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Camper Run! Camper Fun?

I got up at 5:05 this morning.

Got some good time working on my nonfiction project. Gained some ground which is always good.

So today I'm off to pick up a camper. Yeah...... another camper. It's up in the Alton area, so it is a bit of a drive. I'm going up there not knowing what this camper looks like, which could turn out to be a major mistake, but we shall see. I talked to the guy that has it, and he told me it has been sitting in the field for ten years.

Oh..... Boy. How do I get myself into these situations.

Oh yeah, he said that I would need a 4x4 to get it out of the field. I hope my driving skills are up to par. This just make for good reading.... let's hope not. Hopefully I come back without a word to say about it.

So we'll see. Hopefully the tires have air, or at least hold air.

So this is a quick entry as I am off top load up the truck. Oh yeah.... the kids are coming too. That will make for a fun challenge....... Man I love challenges.

Last night I told Jorgie that we were going on a camper run..... "Oh, boy." She said quite unenthusiastically.....

We will see what happens.

Well those are The Thoughts of a George,
Until tomorrow

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Michelle said...

Good luck George!