Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Insatiable Addictions, Potty Talk and Charity?


I couldn't hold out any longer. I had to do it!

But it was only just a little, and besides it didn't hurt anybody. I mean seriously.......

I had to fill the void, satisfy the addiction, loose the shakes.

I was starting to feel the withdrawal symptoms. The edginess, irritability, and that insatiable craving.

It was only just a little...... a few words....maybe two paragraphs. It won't happen again.

Okay, maybe it will. Let's call it my fiction addiction.

It felt SO good! Yeah it was only a few paragraphs, but........ it was good to go there. I traveled to Wisteria, a magical world created for Angelina and Connor. Two young characters struggling against amazing odds to save Angelina's world, and not fall in love.......

Your probably rolling your eyes by now. Probably saying...."OK, George....... I think you're exaggerating."

Only a little on the shakes part, but I was getting irritable and edgy. I really can't explain why. Even if I knew for a fact that I would never get published.........Which I will darn it!

Okay........ where was I. Oh yeah, even if I knew I would never get published, I would still have to write.

And no, I'm not crazy!

Okay, now that's out of the way I can talk potty talk.....

No not the trashy kind, although according to April I am quite good at.

I fixed my parents toilet yesterday, see and you thought I was going to talk trashy.

So I have been dreading it all week, worried that my Dad would be difficult. He can be sometimes, but yesterday went pretty well.

I had to cut one of the bolts off the toilet base to remove it, but it came off easier than I thought. I pulled it out, put the wax ring on the new toilet, and bam! It was done. Not really that quickly, but it went smooth.

I only had to purchase a new shut off vale and sweat it on the pipes. No I didn't talk dirty to the pipe to make it sweat either. Sweating a pipe is when you heat it up and solder the pipe onto the copper piping.
Okay, I heard you yawning.... Sorry.

Anyway it felt good helping them out, especially since my dad's in the wheel chair.

Well, I have to run Jorgie to school.

Those are the thoughts of a George,
Until tomorrow,

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