Thursday, June 4, 2009

Green Thumbs, Arch Rivals, and Free lunch

The snooze button is an arch rival of mine!

I kept pressing that damn button this morning and ended up getting up late. Late for me anyway. It was 5:30 by the time I rolled out of bed and stumbled down stairs. My cat actually came up to get me out of bed.

I thought that was funny.

Since I got up late I didn't get to work on my nonfiction much this morning. Wrote a few ideas down, but that was all. I think I'll try to work on it during the day, but the problem with that is I get so distracted with all the other things i have to do. There are so many.

And even though my plate is full, I manage to pile more and more on!

I tilled a small portion of our backyard for a garden on Tuesday. We just have to fertilize it and plant some plants in it. Oh, and fence it in. I'm afraid if we don't we'll get some furry creatures looking for a free lunch.

Everyone one loves a free lunch.

I hope it does well. I guess we will see how green our thumbs are.

I have to finish the camper too. It's almost done, just have to do a couple more things to it and then put it out for sale.

Oh yeah. I have to start the kids tree house too.

And to think that I feel that I can fit some writing in today. Oh boy, I'm in a fantasy world.

Well, those are the Thoughts Of A George for today.
Until tomorrow,

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