Thursday, June 11, 2009

Watching Movies and $50 Million Dollars a month

I woke up late this morning. We stayed up late last night night watching a movie, so no writing time this morning. Well, besides my blog.

It's so tough when you have kids sometimes. By the time you get them to bed and finally sit down to take a deep breathe......... it's 9:30pm!

Yeah let's watch a two hour movie!

But we did. We have had it from Netflix for over a week, maybe even two. We used to hurry up and watch it to send it back, but now we've become those people that Netflix actually makes money off of. You know, the kind that keeps it for weeks at a time.

You know what amazes me. I bet when Reed Hastings thought up of Netflix, almost everyone told him that it would NEVER work. If you think about it, I bet I could come up with tons of reasons why it wouldn't work. Tons of reasons why he should have gotten discouraged and given up.

But he didn't. He didn't give up. What if he had. What if he threw up his hands in the air and said.......... "Yeah you guys are right. It's a stupid idea. The people probably won't send the movies back, they will get broken in the mail.....blah...blah..blah!"

Did you know that since the economy has tanked, Netflix has prospered. Yeah seriously. What if the idea was squashed. What if Mr. Reed Hastings convinced himself it would never work. According to a CBS article in 2006, Netflix was raking in $50 million a month in subscription fees.

Let me say that again. $50 million a month!

So if any of you have a dream, stick to it. Whether it is writing, opening a business, or just an invention idea, don't let the critics discourage you. Or even worse, don't discourage yourself. That is the ultimate crime, sabotage.

Stay positive, stay focused and KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

Okay, well Those are the Thought of a George,

Until tomorrow

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