Thursday, June 18, 2009

My office and a Floating mind

I woke up around 5:15 this morning.

Not a bad writing morning. I did manage to get some nonfiction work done, which is pretty good especially after my relapse yesterday.

I'm sitting here staring at the monitor, with no ideas. My mind seems to be just floating around, mostly trying to latch onto the things I have to to today. Looking out the window to my right, I see that it's cloudy and gloomy again and I wish it wasn't. From the window I see the large oak tree that sprawls its limbs out over the side yard and reaches to the sky.

Back inside again, my desk sits flush against the wall, flat on top and cluttered. (according to my terms of clutter anyway) The space is occupied by my flat screen monitor, two speakers, two cd's in reference to my nonfiction project, two character profiles for Vines of Wisteria, an empty glass of water and coffee cup. Next to my monitor my satchel of thinking rocks lay and a photo holder that holds a vocabulary card sits on the other side. Sophisticated is the word of the day. I try and put a new word on it every day. That doesn't always happen

Around my office I have piles of projects,(most of them sitting on my drawing desk) made up of books, papers, drawings, notes, etc..... Each pile sits patiently, waiting for my attention. My nonfiction project in one, drawings in another, garden book that needs to be read, children's notebook for my children's book ideas, and a movie waiting to be copied.

The movie sits on my electronics shelf, occupied by my laser printer, bubble jet printer,(which is currently out of ink), DVD player which runs into my computer, DVD recorder which doesn't work since my Vista installation.

Oh........the magical sound of sibling rivalry... That's always fun to hear this early in the morning. According to Jorgie, Marcus didn't wash his hands after going pee.

Okay where was I. Oh ..... behind my left shoulder sits a four foot tall file cabinet. Full of stuff of course, waiting for my attention. I have four book shelves, all full of nonfiction books and fiction books. I try not to look at them, because when I do, I am reminded of all the things I want to do, projects I find interesting, and ideas that are sitting idle.

I'm cursed though........ there are so many cool things to do in this world and so little time. Most of the things I find intriguing are tied to the arts in some way. Even when I was a kid, I was always attracted to art in some way.

I remember in high school I made this figure from forming tin foil around my face and arms, then I taped it to the wall to look like it was coming through it. It was pretty cool, although very primitive.

Okay, now I hear April reprimanding the kids. That's a fun sound too. I can only blast Joshua Bell, and try to ignore it for so long.

Well, those are the Thoughts of a George for today.

Until tomorrow,

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