Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Clouds, Inner Critics, and the Trash

Wake Up: 5:20

Push Ups: 70
Sit Ups: 20
Pull Ups: 10

Writing Time: 5:35 - 6:15

Not a very productive day. It was one of those mornings that never seemed to get going. I did a little editing, which was okay, but that was it. It was hard to quiet the critic this morning. Even though I put him in the trash, and shut the lid, I can still hear him in there.

Man, did you hear that. He said that my stuff will never get published. He's a pain in the ass!

Since I was in one of those funks this morning, I ended up looking over some previously written stuff in my writing folder. (looking for some reassurance that my inner critic knew nothing at all)

I came across some decent stuff, and it gave me a little hope, but it still didn't shut up my inner critic. He's still heckling me from that damn trash can. Jeez, shut up I tell you.

I did something yesterday I haven't done in a long time. I laid down in a field, closed my eyes and listened to the breeze blow all around me. It was so nice to hear mother nature whisper in my ear again. The gusts, the rustle of branches , the creaking trees as they bent and swayed with limber ease. That sound of the building wind as it moved over the hills and valleys.

It's amazing how easily the breeze moves over the earth. I can only hope, that I too can move and WRITE so gracefully someday. It was so nice to hear it. So nice to reacquaint myself with an old friend. Oh I missed you, let's not wait so long again.

Then after catching up on old times, I watched the clouds with the kids. It was a perfect day. We picked shapes out, a Raccoon, and plenty of dragons. It was nice, but then they got bored and wanted me up to play on the playground.

Kids, they just don't realize the delight of doing nothing.

That the Thoughts of a George (and his stupid inner critic) for today,

Until tomorrow.

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