Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lions, Tigers And Bears.....Oh My ....dead battery?

So I woke up late this morning. Yeah it was about twenty minutes ago, (7:00am) so this will be my writing time for today.

April and I stayed up until 12:40am watching Twilight. More about that later or tomorrow.

So we went to the zoo yesterday.

We all had fun. There was the usual routine of getting ready. That frantic dash to gather everything we need for the day. The making of the lunches, the cooler and the ice packs. The game boy, books, extra clothes. Then the questions of batteries being charged, where someones shoes are, did you grab the camera. All that stuff, you know the routine.

We made it out of the house by 10:20, which wasn't all that bad, except we hadn't eaten a morsel yet. Our family without the proper sustenance is like a pack of hungry tigers hovering around a kill. You know like the ones you see on the nature channel that growl at each other if they get too close. So before it got to that, we stopped at Dunkin Donuts before heading on our way.
How come cake isn't accepted to eat at breakfast, but donuts are?

We arrived at the Stone Zoo around 11:30am. It was one of those mornings where the sun was playing hide and seek with us behind the clouds. Which was fine, when the sun came out it felt too warm. We saw the Wolves first.

I love watching the wolves. They are so elegant, and wild and the way they float across the ground when they walk is so mystical to me. I remember when I was a child I used to think I used to be a dog, or wolf in a past life. Funny the imagination we have as kids. I was sure of it.

Maybe I was? Funny because I have a couple of slightly pointed teeth, and I was sure, (when I was younger) that it was a sign that I was. I'm sure most of us homo sapiens all have slightly pointed teeth I guess, but as a child it was a secret I kept all to myself.

We went by the snow leopard, but she apparently was shy, hiding behind a log up on a cliff. We walked past the barnyard, (goats, sheep, zebu), walked through a winding trail where we saw a bald eagle, bears, a dancing skunk? Not sure why the skunk was dancing?

Take a look.

We took a lunch break, we were all starting to act like we should be an exhibit ourselves.

After that we went into the insect and reptile building. Pretty cool, especially those large hissing cockroaches. Did you know that there are 200 million insects per every human on the planet. Yeah seriously creepy. Considering the planets population is something like 6,775,212,350. Yeah that's right, holy crap! I got this number from here

A pop clock, seriously? So that's where all our taxes are going. What would we do without that!

Anyway, so we passed the lama, and a few other exhibits. Past the Cougar, which is one seriously big cat. Meow!

We came to the jaguar, which is such a mystical and graceful animal. This Jaguar is less than a year old. What a an amazing animal. We got to see her eat a mouse for lunch, but I realized we overstayed our time when Jorgie kept saying,

"Can we keep going."

So we kept moving, and went through the rest of the exhibits, took a few more pictures and then went to the playground. Kids love playgrounds. We spent about fifteen minutes in the rain. That's why no pictures. We already broke one camera last year during summer vacation because of rain, we didn't want to do that again.

By now it was pouring so we ran to the car (with camera safely packed in a plastic bag) and when approaching the car, I pressed the auto unlock on the remote. Nothing.

Uh Oh!

I opened the doors, went to start the car and the battery was dead.

Great! So we packed up the car, hopped in and contemplated what to do now in a seriously fogged up car.

We thought about going to the main office and ask if someone could give us a jump, but we both came to the conclusion that they probably wouldn't due to liabilities or something. So we call AAA, yeah that swear word. wAit, wAit, wAit. Yeah and I was right. We waited for almost two hours, just to get a jump start.

You know what the funny part was? Just before the the goofy guy in his green fluorescent slicker came, the maintenance guy from the zoo pulls up and asks if we need anything. Very nice guy. We tell him that our battery died and we are waiting for triple AAA.

Well anyway, The maintenance guy says it's no bother and says he will go inside to get the jumper, but when he does, the A******, A******, A******, guy finally shows up.

So thank Mr. Maintenance guy from Stone Zoo, for being a kind and helpful human being. I know you will never read this, but thank you anyway.

So the AAA guy gives us a jump, and then tries to sell us a battery. Of course I say no. Thank you, but I don't care if I only have a few cold cranking amps, it's not cold out. Our battery died because we left the stinking cooler plugged in.

So that was our day. We drove home in traffic, almost got into a fender bender, April realized her imaginary air brakes in the passenger seat doesn't work......(we'll l have to get them checked at the garage. probably worn from overuse).

We ate at Friendly's, while singing like the commercial "I want to go to Friendly's" Just kidding about the singing, although Marcus did sing it a couple of times.

We got home around 8:00pm. It was fun. I didn't even get grumpy when waiting for that AAA guy.

Well that's it for today. Man, this took a lot longer than I expected.

Those are the Thoughts Of A George for today. Off to eat breakfast and then to make a cake. I'll show you how it comes out.

Until tomorrow, George

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