Thursday, April 2, 2009

Writing Time April 2nd 2009

Wake up: 4:55

Push Ups: 70
Sit Ups: 20
Chin Ups: 10
Pull Ups: 5

Writing Time: 5:15am - 6:05am

Not a bad writing day. I got up later than I wanted to again this morning. But I guess that's what happens when you stay up until 11:30pm to watch another movie.

Seven Pounds - Good movie, but sad ending. I like happy endings

Worked on some of my Non-Fiction project this morning. Ugh.... I like fiction better, but I have to keep moving forward.

I am trying to set aside a little more structure for my writing routine. I'm trying to work on fiction projects on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Non Fiction on Thursday and Friday mornings.

Guess what I look forward to more!

But I have to try my non fiction idea. If I don't try it, I will never know.

I did work on another project yesterday. Every week on Tuesday I have been taking an hour, while Marcus in is his music and tumbling class, to outline a new story I'm working on. I sit in the car, listen to my music (very essential) and outline "Touch" (working title).

I am very excited about this story. It is more of a science fiction thriller I guess you could say. Not science fiction as space ships and aliens, but more along the line of Heroes type. No it isn't a Heroes clone like "Push". No I didn't see push but I want to.

I'll give a quick Synopsis.

The book is about the forces of good and evil and the struggle of one man, Vinny, who has fallen unwillingly into the role of saving mankind. He is more concerned about saving a woman he has only known for a week and has fallen deeply in love with. Nicky, his love, has disappeared by the hands of Nefarious.
Nefarious (Lucifer) has other plans for the human race. Battling against a limited amount of time to find Nicky's deepest fear in order to save her, Vinny must decide who is more important. The world, or the one woman he loves. But does he risk it all for a woman he doesn't really know, and how does he find her deepest fears when he has only known her for such a short amount of time.
Will Vinny save the human race from being enslaved into sin, or will he save the one woman he loves?

I am pretty psyched about this story. My quick sample of my current play list for this one is:

Peter Gabriel - Us album
All American Rejects
Mat Kearney
Linkin Park
Blues Traveler

That's just a few.

So I am pretty excited about that story.

Well that's it for today.
Oh, the coffee maker trick didn't work on April. But Jorgie did pretend she was sick when April woke up. She was kind of fooled, but I think more because she was half asleep.

Until tomorrow,

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