Thursday, April 16, 2009

Writing Time April 16th 2009

Wake Up: 4:50am

Push Ups: 70
Sit Ups: 20
Pull Ups: 10
Chin Ups: 5

Writing Time: 5:15am - 6:15am

Today was a good writing day!

I worked on the total rewrite of Chapter 1 of The Waking Hour and it went pretty well. I found myself rereading some of it and I have a bad habit of editing the work when I reread. That's exactly why I prefer to print it and then read it when I feel it is ready. Otherwise I find my fingers traveling to the delete button. Not terrible to do but harder to just read it for what it is.

I found that I didn't want to come away from my writing today, and that's a good feeling.

I don't like those days when every excuse is a reason to get up and get away from the computer screen. Those days are frustrating. We all have them.

Anyway, here is an update of the rewrite of chapter 2. April read it and she liked it better than the original. After she read it she looked at me and said,

"Which one do you think I like better?"

She had a smile on her face, so I thought she liked the original better. I would have been mortified, because that would mean my reading meter was off. Anyway, she liked the rewrite better. Wow, what a relief. It still needs work, but I will get to it after the chapter 1 rewrite.

I gave up for now on the non fiction project. At least until after the writers conference. I have to get some good quality polished stuff just in case an agent says,

"Oh my god! That is exactly what we're looking for. Here." Agent passes me a contract. "Sign this now, because we won't have any problem getting you at least a one million dollar advance for this stuff."

Okay, I'll wake up now...............

I need it ready so when an agent says, "I love it! Send me some stuff as soon as you can." I will have it all ready.

Okay, I'll wake up again.............

Just in case an agent says send me some stuff and actually reads it. It will be representative of my ability.

Reality sucks!

Oh Well,

That's The Thoughts Of A George,

Until tomorrow,


Michelle said...

Your post had me laughing at my desk today! Reality does suck, but hey we all have to dream and believe because without that the day will never come (some day an agent WILL say those things to you, I know it, we can't predict when but it WILL happen. And just like the lottery ads say, "Hey you never know."

George The Writer said...

Glad to make you laugh Michelle. I really try and think positive. I truly believe that we create the energy around us. We can make it positive or negative, and I prefer positive. I have seen some pretty negative people in my life, and I do not want to be one of them. The funny thing is, I really truly believe, with all my heart, that I will be a best selling author.

When? Well that I don't know.