Friday, April 10, 2009

Writing Time April 10th 2009

Wake Up: 5:00

Push Ups: 70
Sit Ups: 20
Pull Ups: 10
Chin Ups: 5

Writing Time: 5:20am - 6:15am

Tired, tired, tired. Yeah that's right, I was tired this morning.

But thankfully, there is caffeine. I think when I get published and write my acknowledgments, I will have to thank my dear friend, Caffeine.


Not a bad writing day. I worked on The Waking hour and finally got the rewrite of Chapter 2 done. (well mostly, I don't think any of my writing is ever done) I will be printing it out shortly, but I think it sounds better than the first. I think it might be a lot more condensed, but not in the soup sense.

That's a gross analogy. You know how condensed soup looks when it comes out of the can. That blob of a mess that makes an awful sucking sound when you try and shake it into the pan. Then the mass of half liquid, half globule mass splats into the pot. And then when you add milk or water, it's still clumpy until you heat it up.

Okay so maybe it isn't condensed in that sense.


Yeah, now that's a better word. Chapter 2 seems more streamlined than before. Maybe? Who knows, what do I know, I'm just a writer.

Well, that's it for today. It's back to the 5:00am-5:00pm work schedule tomorrow. Yippee!!!!!

Did you catch the hint of sarcasm in, Yippee!!!!?

That's the Thoughts of a George,

See you on Tuesday,

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