Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Writing Time April 7th 2009

Wake Up: 5:10

Push Ups: 70
Sit Ups: 20
Pull Ups: 10
Chin Ups: 5

Writing Time: 5:30am - 6:15am

Well, I woke up later than I wanted to. Wow, big surprise, huh.

I did have a good writing day despite the small amount of time. I didn't want to stop, and that's usually a pretty good sign. I'm rewriting chapter 2 of The Waking Hour, and it seems to be going well. It's hard to tell, and have to wait on the final verdict until I read them one after the other. I''ll give them both to April, and let her read them too.

I want to try to squeeze in some extra writing time too, but it's so hard. Everything demands your time, especially when I'm taking care of Marcus (almost 4yrs old), doing dishes, putting unwanted stuff n eBay, making DVDs for the PTO, fixing up a camper and the list never ends. (Oh god I'm a wreck!)

But I guess if it was easy, the whole 80% of Americans would write their book, and flood the market with even more slush. Well probably not.

It's not just time that goes into writing a book. It takes determination, skill, positive attitude and will power. And we have to do all of that for free, and then (maybe) get paid. Why in the hell do so many people want to write a book?

Well, a lot of that has to do with the romanticized vision people have of being a writer. If a lot of people really knew what goes into writing a book, they would run away, really, really fast.

But we can let them have their fantasies, because that is what separates the real writers from the imposter's. The ones that know the work involved, the ones that write because they have to, the ones that write to fight depression, anxiety, frustration.

Oh wait a minute, doesn't writing a novel cause depression, anxiety, and frustration!

Oh well, what a delicate balance it all hangs in.

Well, that's all my thoughts for today. Off to doing dishes and seeing what Marcus is yelling for me about.

Maybe I'll get to bed early tonight.

Yeah right, probably not. It seems that 5 - 6 hours of sleep is my norm.

I seem to operate fine I guess.

Until tomorrow,


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